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Our Commercial & Residential Electrical Compliance Services

Delivering electrical compliance services for both commercial and residential settings, we bring expertise, reliability, and outstanding customer service to every project. Your safety and satisfaction are always our top priorities

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Introduced to help companies and organisations meet the Electricity at Work Regulations, PAT ensures electrical appliance safety.

Fixed Wire Testing

Health & Safety legislation highly recommends fixed wire testing for both workplaces and homes to ensure consistent electrical safety.

Emergency Lighting Testing

In premises where people are employed, emergency lighting is essential. It provides guidance and assurance during unexpected emergencies.

Fire Alarm Testing

To ensure the system’s functionality, regulations mandate that the responsible party conducts quarterly fire alarm checks.

Lightning Protection

Protect your structure, be it domestic, commercial, or historic, from the unpredictable force of lightning strikes. We’re here to shield your building.

Remedial Solutions

Discovering defects during testing and inspections? We offer remedial solutions, ensuring swift repairs and uninterrupted safety.

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