Emergency Light Testing

Emergency Lighting: Ensuring Safe Evacuations

Emergency lighting systems are more than just a safety feature; they’re a legal necessity for commercial and industrial buildings. Installed to facilitate safe evacuation in emergencies, their proper maintenance is crucial.

Not only is this mandated by statutory requirements, but it’s often a stipulation for insurance coverage. At its core, the essence of emergency lighting is to protect both you and your staff in moments that matter most.

The Necessity of Emergency Light Testing

Consistent inspection and certification of emergency lighting systems are key to ensuring full compliance with BS5266-1 standards. The goal is to verify that these lights function correctly during power failures and meet the legislative requirements.

According to BS5266, only ‘competent’ persons—individuals with the requisite knowledge, skills, and training—should perform these crucial servicing procedures. Regular inspections can secure the reliability of these systems, allowing for safe building evacuation in emergencies.

Why Trust ICSS Ltd with your Emergency Lighting Testing Needs?

At ICSS Ltd, your safety is our utmost priority. We provide regular 6-month or 12-month inspections, executed by fully qualified electricians with expertise in emergency light testing. Our service extends to delivering all required documentation and even bespoke logbooks designed for easy monthly checks by your staff.

Plus, if you have five or more employees, we offer a tailored risk assessment service to meet your statutory obligations under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order. Choose ICSS Ltd for a comprehensive, reliable, and hassle-free emergency lighting testing service.